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2 - Industrial Workstation And Embedded Computer
2.1 - Embedded Systems

Category Description
2.1.1 High Power Embedded Core i7/i5/i3 Systems High Computing Power Fanless Systems 
2.1.2 Atom / Celeron Powered Embedded Systems Industrial low power fanless workstation with Atom or Celeron 
2.1.3 ARM Embedded Linux/WinCE Systems ARM Embedded Linux System low power 
2.1.4 Embedded BOX PC Human Machine Interface HMI solutions fanless with different CPU power 
2.1.5 HMI Human Machine Interface Human Machine Interface HMI solutions stainless or fanless 
2.1.6 Rugged Handheld Android/WinCE Scanner Rugged Handheld Android/WinCE Scanner Units with differnt Data Capture Systems