2.2 - PXIe, PXI And cPCI Controller And Chassis

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2 - Industrial Workstation And Embedded Computer
2.2 - PXIe, PXI And cPCI Controller And Chassis

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2.2.1 PXI Platforms And Chassis With Intel CPU PXIe / PXI Industrial 19' chassis and platforms 
2.2.2 Compact PCI 3U Solutions Industrial Compact PCI with 3 units height: CPU Cards with LPP-266 or P-III Level, 19' chassis (with LCD available), Backplanes, Power Supplies, redundant solutions, AddOnCards VGA, Ethernet, SCSI 
2.2.3 Compact PCI 6U Platforms And Chassis Industrial Compact PCI 19' chassis and platforms with 6 units height