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2 - Industrial Workstation And Embedded Computer
2.2 - PXIe, PXI And cPCI Controller And Chassis
2.2.2 - Compact PCI 3U Solutions

Category Description cPCI CPU P-III Level Cards Compact PCI CPU Cards with P-III Level 600MHz up to 850MHz cPCI CPU Card LPP-266 Level 3U Compact PCI CPU Cards with LPP-266 Level 266MHz without active cooler cPCI 3U Interface Cards, VGA Ethernet, SCSI, PMC Compact PCI Interface Cards 3U VGA, Ethernet, SCSI With and without Rear I/O Option "cPCI 3U 19"" Standard Chassis" 19' Standard Cases for 3U cPCI Cards with 3U or 4U Mounting Height And Different Kinds Of Power Supplies cPCI LCD Kit 3U LCD Kit 6,3' For 3U Compact PCI Cases Compact PCI Backplanes 3U Compact PCI 3U Backplanes 4, 6, 8 Slots with or without Rear I/O and different power connectors, card cage for 4*PCI cards Compact PCI Power Supply 3U Compact PCI 3U Power Supplies with redundant backplane option and different input voltages or power connectors